Reconditioning of machine parts

Sometimes, instead of buying new ones, the old ones can be repaired, thus saving money. Regeneration of machine parts allows to restore full efficiency of damaged components. At RADMET we use the thermal spraying method to carry it out.

Regeneration of machine parts – what does it consist in?

It is a repair process aimed at restoring the functional properties of subassemblies worn out due to long operation or mechanically damaged. Such structural and quality features as correct size, shape or strength can not only be restored using specialized processing methods, including thermal spraying – some of the properties under the influence of the transformations taking place are improved. Both small parts and large, often several-ton parts are subjected to treatment.

Why remanufacture machines?

There are many reasons, first of all it allows to extend the life of the machine. This is especially important in the case of tools that have already been withdrawn from production and it is difficult to find replacement parts for them. Restoring full functional properties, and sometimes increasing them, also saves money and reduces operating costs for the company, as there is no need to buy new machines. Remanufacturing is also an ecological approach, as it reduces waste.

Thermal spraying

At RADMET, we use the flame, arc and supersonic HVAF thermal spraying method to regenerate machine parts. During this process, a metal, ceramic, cermet or plastic layer is applied with high precision to a previously cleaned surface of an object, which under the influence of thermal processes tightly adheres to the substrate. The new coating often has better functional properties than the old one, can be refined and thus more resistant to abrasion, corrosion or high temperatures. Thermal spraying is used in the repair of various components, including shafts, couplings, bearings, pins, bushings or rollers.

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