Regeneration of machine parts and thermal spray technology

RADMET has a modern machinery park and a staff of experienced specialists who perform their work with high accuracy and attention to detail. As a result, we are able to complete orders of varying degrees of complexity. Our specialties include metalworking, regeneration of parts and production of
machine components.

In our work we use thermal spraying. This is a process that involves placing a coating material on a previously prepared surface. Because it makes it possible to protect surfaces from corrosion, reduce abrasion and protect the surface, thereby reducing wear and tear, this method has been used in many industries. Depending on the needs, coatings made of various materials can be used with thermal spraying.

RADMET would like to offer to perform services in the field of:

  • Reconditioning of machine parts with the use of thermal spraying technology, such as : shaft journals, working surfaces of shafts, couplings, hubs, plungers, cylinders, piston rods, bodies, bearing housings, bearing seats, sliding bearings, rods, pins, bushings, pan, transport rollers, heat exchangers, fan and pump elements, etc.
  • Manufacture of new machine parts including refinement of their surfaces to obtain: increased abrasion resistance, hardness, lubricity, resistance to high temperatures.
  • Execution of anti-corrosion protection Zn, Al. metallization, ZnAl alloys and painting of steel structures: halls, footbridges, elements of bridges.
  • Machining:
    – max. dimensions of details – turning – Ø1100 x 8000mm,
    – Max. dimensions of details – grinding – Ø640 x 3200mm.
    Abrasive blasting treatment.
  • Welding – surfacing.

RADMET Company performs coatings with the following thermal spraying methods:

  • Wire flame thermal spraying.
  • Thermal flame spraying with powder.
  • Thermal spraying with remelting.
  • Thermal arc spraying.
  • HVAF supersonic thermal spraying.
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