Flame thermal spraying

Flame thermal spraying – what does it consist of?

This is one of the methods used in the reconditioning of machine parts. The process uses powder fed from a hopper or solid or powder wire supplied from a feeder. Under the influence of an oxy-acetylene flame, the material is melted, and as a result of compressed air, the particles detach from the material and adhesively bond to the substrate. In this way, a coating is formed on the component being reconditioned. The most commonly applied coatings are those of steel, bronze, zinc, copper and molybdenum.

Why use this technology?

Flame thermal spraying is used wherever there is a need to create special protective layers. The advantages of this technology are the creation of high-quality coatings without interfering with the native material.

Depending on the coating material selected, the coatings produced by flame thermal spraying can exhibit high heat resistance, abrasion resistance or high corrosion resistance. The coatings protect machine parts from overuse and extend their life, which saves a considerable amount of money not often spent on buying new equipment, and minimizes the risk of production downtime.

Areas of use

Thermal flame spraying is used in many industrial branches (mechanical, metallurgical, paper, food industries) as a technology for the regeneration of machine parts and for the surface refinement of new machine parts.

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